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Petition Signatures Needed!

Postby sandkid » Sat Apr 26, 2008 7:13 pm needs your help. Oregon's Best Motorsports, which is one of our great sponsors, opened a track at the Josephine County Fair Grounds. They offer practice sessions on Wednesday afternoon and Saturday afternoon for anyone who rides ATV's or off-road motorcycles. They also, sponsor races during the year. For around $20.00 you can hit the track to see if you can be the next James Stewart or John Natalie. Or you can just go have fun on a cool MX track.

However, there is a problem. Their are (3) homeowners whose property is right next to the Fair Grounds and they don't like the 'Noise". They have complained to the City of Grants Pass to get the track closed.

Please go to the following link to sign a petition to keep the track open:
Sign the petition electronically but read the fine print in the donation window. The donation is only for the website that offers the electronic petition. If you want to donate to them to help support their cause fill out the pay-pal sheet. If not, just exit after you have clicked sign the petition. You can check out other comments by checking the signatures tab.

Thanks for your help. We need all of the riding areas we can get.

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